Gambling In Singapore

Today, gambling is a well known pastime all over the world.  People, whether legally or illegally involve them into this social policy as this is the only effortless way of making money and having fun. That’s why this particular sport is the favorite of the masses present in diverse parts of the world including the United Kingdom, Las Vegas, Hong Kong, Japan, United States, and Singapore. It has also made its foray into the internet world with numerous online casino sites cropping up every other day.

Let’s take a look over the gambling scenario in Singapore. Singapore is a country mainly of Chinese people though, there are people present of other cultures as well where they believe in living with peace and harmony. People in Singapore who are generally, Chinese have a conception that gambling is not a state of mind wherein, gambling becomes a person’s weakness. It is actually believed by them that gambling is nothing but a weakness of a human being, which spoils the person. People who are involved in it are looked down upon and the same act is considered as a social evil as the Chinese people are highly civilized and have high moral values.

A Glance at Singaporean Culture:

People in Singapore resemble the Chinese people in North-East Asia as well as of Macau a lot. They love watching Hong Kong made serials and movies. The media of Singapore televise Chinese T.V. programs taken from Hong Kong, Taiwan, China and Korea. These people resemble the Chinese people in North East Asia in terms of certain attributes like rites and rituals, superstitions and Feng Shui.

History of Gambling In Singapore:

 Gambling is a prominent sport in Singapore. It holds its history centuries ago. The story narrated itself in the year 1820 when gambling farms became legalized and a license was issued in the same respect. Prior to that, it was illegally prevailing in the diverse Singaporean provinces. The license for the gambling tables was sold out by Farguhar for $95 and a sort of tax was charged to Captain Chinas where they were held in charge of the tables.

The game of raffles was introduced in the year 1822, which gave rise to many controversies. The outcome of the same was winding up of the gambling farms under the legal Regulation, No. IV of 1823, forbidding the gaming clubs and cockpits for ceasing the adverse consequences of gambling in Singapore. Farguhar quoted, “as the act of gambling is good for nothing, instead it demoralizes the humanity and well-being of the people concerned with it” hence, the Government forbid the gaming and cockpit and the person found involved in it would be liable for the succeeding consequences of the same upon his own sweet will. The retribution for failing to adhere to this regulation was ruthless, which resulted in the elimination of the gaming farms, gamblers, operators etc.

After Farguhar, the next one to come in the picture was John Crawford in 1823, who was a Britt who sustained the opinions of Farguhar regarding the forms of gaming. He consented to only ten gambling houses in the city in August 1823 and a cockpit in Kampong Bugis. The year 1826 gave rise to the most money-spinning gambling farms generating a turnover of $75,000 tax –farm revenue. The year 1827 saw the closure of Crawford’s service period and on the other hand the Grand Jury stipulated on the restriction of gambling which according to Crawford was again a demoralized pest. In the year 1829 gambling aroused as a banned act, which gave rise to the booming up of gambling in an illegitimate manner. Finally, there were 20 gambling houses flocking on Church Street only in the year 1832.

As the years passed, the demand for the re-establishment of gambling grew more and more. Resident Councillor Bonham in the year 1834 advised to initiate the gambling houses but it was all in vain. Even in the year 1838, a suggestion came from the end of press to prevent illegitimate gambling farms, which were already functioning manifestly with an active support of police. The year 1861 was running short of feminine refugees, which initiated Governor Orfeur Cavenagh to legalize gambling so that an enticement plan could be financed to motivate the Chinese to bring their wives to Singapore. But the same practice could not be executed due to certain reasons. Gambling farms persisted to boom up in spite of getting the same prohibited. Subsequently, the European inhabitants started whining about the police’s inactiveness regarding gambling for the starting couple of weeks of the Chinese New Year which summon to the assembly of the common masses to embark upon gambling in the year 1862.

Making Of Law on Gambling House

The first law against the gambling house was drawn out within the Police Act of 1856. By the dawn of the 19th century, there were many laws still running in 1870, 1876, 1879 and 1888. The laws were charged on the gambling houses as well the public lotteries.  

An Overview of Gambling in Singapore

When the verdict of gambling was passed by the government of Singapore to establish dual combined resorts with casinos, it gave rise to many controversies amongst Singaporean civilians. The civilians over there chanted on the top of their voices the drawbacks and the benefits of gambling. As a matter of fact, the civilians of Singapore are much more sophisticated than what is the general perception in the people of their country when questioned them in this regard.

The statistics acquired from the recent survey carried on by Singapore’s Ministry Of Community Development, Youth and Sports (MCYS), reveal that 58 percent of the Singaporeans aged 18 and more have indulged themselves more into gambling and out of these 2.1 percent were probable pathological gamblers whereas, 2% were problem gamblers.

The common masses of Singapore go on love to chill-out at Genting Highlands in Malaysia where people one can easily find people making queues for the coming up of the carriages that would drive them to Genting. Numerous travel agencies provide bus facility having their departure at 7 a.m. or 10 a.m., arriving 6-7 hrs. Many love to chill out at the highland resort for gambling and take the real fun of the mountain weather out there.

Moreover, employees working in the office, take out time say lunch hours for getting up queued for purchasing 4D or Toto lottery tickets. The prize money concerned in the game of Toto,  which amounts up to half a million U.S. Dollars,  which is awarded to the concerned person on weekdays of Mondays and Thursdays.  Other gambling games include scores and strikes in football matches and Horse Racing betting in clubs like Turf Clubs which is owned by Singapore Totalizer Board, which is a legal board under the supervision of Government’s Ministry Of Finance. Not only this but, there were many other clubs Pasir Ris NUTC chalet, SAFRA clubs and number of other private clubs, which are quite magnificent regarding, which play a key role when the word “amusement” comes into the picture.

People in Singapore love to gamble even when they socialize and their all time favorite game in the form of gambling is mahjong, which is actually played with those special mahjong tiles, which make a peculiar and exquisite sound when a friction is occurred by rubbing them.  It is not that gambling is a new sport to the common people of Singapore. In fact their inclination towards gambling is more than expected and anticipated as here people hold the strength to bear up the risks and uncertainties that will occur consequently. Therefore, these bold Singaporeans are not suspicious of the social effects of gambling on the society. The community of Singapore is too sophisticated to fear the uncertain risks and adverse social effects on the society as these people are highly qualified and well accustomed with the technique of tackling the social shortcomings concerned with gambling.